Friday, January 27, 2012

Penguin Unit Wrap-Up

Our Penguin unit has been fun and more importantly the students have used so many great thinking skills! Today we danced to our favorite Elmo classic - Doing the Penguin. Then we listed the way penguins move, well our King Penguin puppet listed the ways on the board. "King" was in charge of which penguin move we'd use while dancing to Beethoven. We voted for our favorite penguin. Despite stated sympathy for gentoo and adélie, king penguin won handily (the puppet PAC swayed the vote). We analyzed our data and even compared it to the votes last year.

The FDKers also got into teams and read some facts about penguins. With a little research, teams decided if the facts pertained to ALL, SOME, or ONE penguin. I loved watching the teams work. We sorted the statements on the board.

During I.Q. Learning (Independent Quiet Learning - when students have choices of activities and I work with individuals or small groups) students could write non-fiction statements on a large penguin cut-out. The kids insisted I give the penguin blue feet like their favorite character Chilly in 365 Penguins. They came up with some good ideas.

The graph and ALL, SOME, or ONE are in my TPT Penguin Unit.  I just whipped up the penguin poster to write on at lunch today.
Check it out at Penguin Theme Activities

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