Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Packing Peanuts and Penguins

I don't have a photo yet but wait until I do!

I put foam fish with a paper clip into a flat bin for a "fishing" station. Dowel rod poles with wire "line" holding a magnet. Each team of two at the station takes a turn fishing. Two sets of fish have the numbers 1 - 20. Each team tries to catch all the numbers. Well I like to put packing peanuts in the bin so the kids can't see the numbers on the fish and since we are studying penguins the peanuts are snow.  They are ice fishing. I asked parents to send in packing peanuts. A boy arrived today with a nice bagful - perfect. BUT one of my parents sales packaging and he delivered two bags that were at least two feet wide and 5 feet tall! They were leaning against my horseshoe table when I got to school.  I almost fell over laughing. Luckily they are the cornstarch peanuts. My Imagination Station plan was scrapped and replaced with  PACKING PEANUTS. We had a ton of fun and used all kinds of imagination wetting and attaching peanuts to make everything from a seahorse to an igloo.  I love kindergarten!


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