Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Some of our Penguin Puppets

 Our book buddies helped us make Penguin Puppets. We chose from 5 different types.  We traced, cut and glued. Our buddies made sure we had all the right pieces in all the right places.

Later we set up a puppet stage (sideways table).  Everyone got a chance to try out their puppets. Some were funny, some informative and some quite active.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Snow Poem and Snow People

This week we combined our Writing and Art Stations to make this wintery project. At the Writing stations students wrote an acrostic S N O W poem.  We had lot of winter books for inspiration. I was impressed with their determination and imagination.

At the Art Station we started by mixing some white glue and shaving cream in a small cup. The kids stirred with a craft stick which was FUN.

Next the students "plopped" the mixture on small blue construction paper. They thought the "plop and spread" method was best. They spread a layer of snow across the bottom and then up the side to make the snowman.

The students added detail with hats, buttons and faces. They picked from fabric scraps for scarves. There really were over 4 choices of fabric but I must have liked the bones since that fabric is featured in all the photos. Sticks for arms of course.
Snowbord      New sled     Oh no there is a storm     Wish

Snowflax     Next summer     On Chrismis     Warm clothes
We glued the pictures and poems to black construction paper. So cute (and soft).

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Penguins Return

Hello 2014.
I've posted about penguins multiple times (cause I love them) so if you are interested check out January 2012 and 2013.
What can I do different this year? How about posters for what we know, what we wonder, and what we learned.
Ready for comments/

We wrote some comments together and now the FDKers can add comments as we learn and wonder more.
Added the word penguins to the display - helps the kids when they are writing.
            This little guy (life-sized Emperor penguin on classroom door) is pinned a lot on Pinterest.                                          This year the kids marked their heights on the penguin or door frame.  
It was pretty funny to listen to the students talk about their height and the height of the penguin. The kindergarteners didn't tend to have a realistic idea about their height.

This week we will make some puppets and perform with them on Friday. Can't wait.