Monday, January 16, 2012

more Penguin take offs

In keeping with our penguin theme we went fishing at our math station this week. Ice fishing as a matter of fact (more packing peanuts). The FDKers partnered up to fish for numbers 1 - 20. I gave them a paper with 10 lines over 10 lines to line up the fish - no other hints. This gave them lots of practice counting if they didn't quite understand the grid concept or a chance to use some reasoning if they did. After a while someone always figured out that one color fish was odd and one even.

The fishing poles are dowel rods with a tiny hole drilled in one end. I ran a covered wire through the hole and attached a circular magnet at the other end of the wire. The fish were cut from fun foam and decorated and numbered with a sharpie. Drop fish in a flat clear bin, cover with packing peanuts and start fishing.  I have the kids sit in chairs - seems to help them take turns. Keeps them cooperating and busy for at least 20 minutes.

penguin theme activities

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