Sunday, January 29, 2012

Groundhog Day lesson

We get out the flashlights and have some shadow fun on Groundhog Day. But I can always add a little literacy fun too. I like using a Mystery Word lesson to practice spelling and vocabulary. It's one of the few sit-at-the-tables-and-all-work lessons I use. It keeps the students quietly productively engaged so it's great for a substitute teacher (IEP meeting for example). I'll get some photos of the FDKers this week. The kids get a strip of letters that they cut out and arrange on the mat (like the one shown below).  I give them clues to a word they should build - I answer the clues too. When we are through I ask them what the mystery word is that all the letters form.  It's kindergarten so the word is pretty obvious even if the spelling isn't.  Although I know quite a few students will be able to spell groundhog.  Hurray it's phonetic!  Here's a sample:

You can get the directions, letters, core standards, color mats and more for Groundhog and Valentine at my TPT store. Groundhog and Valentine Mystery Word Lesson

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