Monday, February 10, 2014

Valentine Art with this week's Sight Word

I wanted a quick and easy art project for stations this week. I checked out pinterest of course. I saw a cute painting inspired by Robert Indiana's LOVE painting and sculptures. The directions called for foam.  I had none. I also didn't want to use fingerprints. Hmmm.  What to use instead of foam? I thought I had some plastic folders that might work.  While hunting for that I found a box of blank transparencies.  Well, I sure wasn't using those anymore (thank you document camera). I cut the film in six inch letters - making three sets for stations. I needed painters tape and my husband helped me out there. I cut a 12 X 18 piece of white construction paper into a 12" square. Here's what it looked like before the kids painted.
We were able to reuse the letters without reattaching the tape each time. In my hunt for plastic I also found a box of "dabbers." Perfect.  So easy to use. The kindergarteners used up to 4 colors on their paintings.  We were careful to cover all the edges of the letters so the letters would be clear when we removed the transparencies.
See some of the dabbers on the table.
The kids and teachers were so happy with the results.  We will add a "frame" too!

Did I mention our Sight Word this week is LOVE! 

Gotta LOVE it!

Here's a link to the fantastic original idea LOVE