Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Free Stuff for Thanksgiving Week

Okay, I admit it - I tend to post things AFTER anyone else really needs them. These freebies aren't earth shattering but you can use them right away.

If you've purchased my Native American writing and coloring pages OR if you have your own, you might want to use these sentences for handwriting practice or student inspiration. My students chose one of a pair of sentences for each or the Native American areas we studied: Native Americans of the Plains, Native Americans of the Northwest, Native Americans of the Southwest and Native Americans of the Northeast (Wampanoags). They copied the sentences, colored the Native Americans and then combined them all for nice little booklets.  Get the sentences and the title in a google doc.

link to ball and stick pages
Link to Ball and Stick pages

link to TPT Native American color and writing pages


After a lesson on writing lists, the students wrote a list of things they were thankful for. Check out the link for the title and list page.

So Thankful LIST
I must admit I like the way this student used the list upside down thus numbering the list on both sides. And why not? We will display our lists during our Thanksgiving Feast with our parents on Friday.

Here's how great our little pots turned out.  The kids painted them with q-tip dots of paint left over from our math project (which I got from pinterest and will post later this week with free sheets). So thankful for model magic clay - no breaking on the way home.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

New Magic E Freebie

This is the Magic E foldable that I use in my classroom.  Here's the link to a previous post about this: Magic E post

Start of Native American Studies

My "fire" still works - barely.  This year it fell from the top shelf in the storage closet onto my head and then the floor.  The lone remaining light bulb fell out.  I put it back in and it worked but I failed to notice the big crack in the pot. While we were sitting around our campfire discussing Native Americans across the United States - it would go out and then go back on again.  Uh oh. I haven't seen these for sale since I got it many years ago. Better keep my eyes open. It is always a big hit.

A long time ago I was lucky enough to go to a workshop at the Field Museum in Chicago about Native Americans and teaching about Native Americans. I remember talking to members of the Haida tribe and other scholars. I hope I am still true to the philosophy they advocated. I try to use authentic information while keeping the fun and learning kindergarten appropriate.
Next week we move from Native Americans on the Plains to Native Americans of the Northwest.