Monday, January 23, 2012

Alphabet Antics

Team work - placing the letters and
deciding which letters are needed.

Dumb post name, but I don't have a cute name or alliteration for this game of matching uppercase to lowercase letters - in order. First we played the game with teams.  I threw 4 sets of the uppercase alphabet written on foam squares onto the rug.  The kids and I both love when I toss things on the floor. Four teams had a strip with the lower case alphabet on it. Each team could have one person run to the floor and grab one square. Then another person could go - relay style.  If they already had the letter they had to take it back. I had a few "wild cards" too. It didn't take long for some strategy - like only get letters that are needed. The first team with a complete uppercase alphabet won. It was close and everyone finished. Later we use the same game as a station with four students drawing letters from a basket for their own alphabet.  They need to NAME the letter also.  We know all the sounds and so are going back and introducing the letter names.
Completed game board at stations.
Hmm, friend not doing so well.
This game is easy to make and you don't need the foam squares - just makes it a little easier for the kindergartners to handle. Good for alphabet order too.

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