Friday, April 11, 2014

Better than Expected

 Sometimes things just turn out better than expected. Surprisingly nice. Cute.
Almost every month FDKers make or get a new locker tag. Last year in April we made nice 3-D umbrellas. But I seem to remember it took the kids seconds to paint and teachers a long time to hang on the lockers. This year I wanted to have a little shape review. I came up with a plan that included tracing around shapes to make a pleasing design. I made a sample at home.  When I got to school I found a bag of foam shapes that I got from a parent or a garage sale. Score!vThe shapes were mostly the right size and well ALREADY CUT OUT. The foam shapes ended up looking super cute and we are so happy with the new locker tags. They look even better en masse.
 The black background is card stock but construction paper would be okay. The squares are colored copy paper. The card stock and printer paper tend to have deeper colors than our construction paper. First ta student chose a different shape for each letter of his/her name. Then he chose different colored squares for each letter. Next she wrote letter from her name on each shape with a black sharpie. Then he glued the shape to all different colored squares. We used glue sticks. Then using permanent markers each student traced around each shape - repeatedly with different colors. Some students liked adding dots to the paper and/or foam. We were trying to use the names of the shapes as students drew. We added a strip magnet on the back. They really look fantastic as we approach our classroom.