Saturday, October 13, 2012

Scarecrow Sound Sort and more

I know, I know - three posts on Scarecrows in a row.  Well, I had them written with no way to post (computers are wonderful except when they are not).

One of the few things I've allowed myself to keep in storage (it can take over your life as all you kindergarten teachers know) is a Scarecrow decoration. He/she is cute enough and works perfectly for a station devoted to sounds.

Students sort crows: begins with the /s/ - goes on the front of the scarecrow; ends with an /s/ - goes on the back; neither - goes on floor.  I also use the Scarecrow for sorting short o and u sounds. Hey, I drug the scarecrow down from the highest shelf I might as well get 2 weeks of stations out of the guy/gal.

When the students are done sorting the crows, they start writing the words. I love how they attempt their favorite pictures even if it may be the longest word (skateboard, stegosaurus, . . .).
Crows and papers available in my Scarecrow Unit: Scarecrow Unit TPT or Scarecrow Unit Teachers Notebook

No more Scarecrow posts today - but next week we have our Scarecrow Scramble so watch out!

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