Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Hurray for kindergarten learners!

When a kindergarten teacher teaches sounds, sight words and number recognition - it’s easy and important to see improvement and assess progress. A teacher also likes to teach students to take ownership of their learning, to listen carefully, and to follow directions. Not so easy to assess or measure. But when a teacher sees evidence of these elusive skills - it is beautiful!

Today I saw students working at a phonics station, and working and working. Students were tapping out sounds, asking each other questions to clarify their work, and fearlessly trying to write words. The students wanted to write every possible word. They didn’t give up. Beautiful!

I was helping at the art station by outlining the students’ drawings when it occurred to me that not only had the students drawn a lot of detail but they had attempted to follow my directions - EXACTLY! They drew eyelids, pupils, eyelashes, etc. What fabulous listening!!

Hurray for the learners in FDK!

I know all you kindergarten teachers know the warm feeling of WATCHING students achieve.

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