Saturday, October 13, 2012

Scarecrow Book - Student Writing

My Scarecrow has a stick on his back.
Kindergarteners love to make books. About the Authors by Katie Wood Ray makes a convincing case for allowing students to "make" books as the primary writing instruction for young students. During "Writing Workshop" in my classroom, students have access to a variety of blank books (and papers for making books). Sometimes I like to use a "themed" approach to encourage reluctant writers and to expand the thinking of all my kindergarten writers.

Scarecrow books were a big hit.  It doesn't hurt that the students love drawing scarecrows. It helps that scarecrows are such a blank canvas. It helps that the students have a sentence starter. It helps that the book was a "station" so everyone is expected to write one.  And everyone did - enthusiastically. Students needed to think what type of description would work with the sentence starter.  What makes sense after is? What makes sense after has?

Here are way more samples than you really need - but how could I choose which to use?

Gotta love the confidence. "My Scarecrow is the best."
The book is in my Scarecrow Unit : Teachers Notebook Scarecrow Unit  or Scarecrow Unit TPT

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