Saturday, October 20, 2012

First Five Time Friday

I posted last year about Five Time Friday but wanted to repost this year because I like it so much. It is just another way to get kids reading!

Friday afternoon we tried our first Five Time Friday.  For Five Time Friday each student gets a book to read.  The books are chosen to be readable for each individual student. Many students have the same book. The students listen to each other read, read to the teachers or read with each other. Every time you listen to a book you initial it. Each student should collect at least 5 sets of initials.

Five Time Friday is great for many reasons.  The kids are reading. The kids listen to other readers at a variety of levels. The kids are reading. The kids are exposed to many different books. The kids are reading. The whole class is focused on reading. The kids are reading. The kids are cooperating. The kids are reading. The kids are helping each other and teaching each other. The kids are reading. The kids are increasing the time they can read. The kids are reading.

Repeated readings of the same text increases fluency. It seems somewhat counter-intuitive to read the same thing over and over to increase reading skills - but it works. That is one of the weaknesses of Raz-Kids. Raz seems to encourage students to race through the books to keep getting "points" and moving up. I encourage students to read a book on RAZ perfectly before recording the book or moving to the next book.

The FDKers told me that they were going to collect initials at home. They eagerly told me all the people, pets and toys that could listen to them read.

last year's blogpost with photos

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