Saturday, October 13, 2012

Scarecrow Directed Drawing

Long break from posting due to computer troubles not for lack of great things happening in my classroom.  I'll have to post later on some of the fun learning stuff that went on the first week of October - but . . .

We are using Scarecrows to stimulate creativity and spark interest for two weeks. We started off with one of my favorite activities:  directed drawing. I introduce each Directed Drawing lesson with finger exercises, correct pencil grip, and a pillow of paper under our drawing paper. Step by step I describe the lines as I draw under the document camera. Students follow along, each drawing in their own unique style. AMAZING! As I've said before these lessons are great for pencil grip, fine motor, listening skills, following direction and ART! Later when we write Scarecrow books the students are eager to draw and are confident enough to add lots of detail.

Students are coloring and adding detail to their drawings at stations (not during directed drawing).

I had the students begin with a large T for the scarecrow supports and then a circle head.  I used many shape names as I guided them through.  The students added their own details and colors at a later time. I use a document camera (love how it shows my pencil grip) but a big white board works fine if it is elevated.

Later at stations the students could add detail and color their scarecrows.  The students could also draw more scarecrows.  I had paper with the T already on it if they wanted to use that.
This page is included in my Scarecrow Themed packets on TPT and Teachers Notebook -                                                 along with more instruction and samples.

Find more scarecrow ideas: Scarecrow Unit at TeachersPayTeachers or Scarecrow Unit at Teachers Notebook


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