Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sticky Sight Words

So much fun! Yes, I'm using that overworked word - fun!

He whips his tongue on the cards.
He snags some sight words.

She gets 5 cards at once!


I originally was looking for those sticky toys you toss and then they stick. I was going to make a poster with sight words. The kids would toss the sticky toy and then they would read the word the toy was stuck too. I couldn't find any of the toys. I couldn't believe they didn't have them at Walgreens.
Well, my aide brought in these frogs she purchased at Walmart. When I opened the package they had these long tongues. Perfect. I put flies on the sight words, laminated them (but you wouldn’t have to) and our station was born. I also added cards that say “yuck.” 
Here’s how we played:
  • sight word cards with flies (printed on paper and laminated)
  • some cards that said yuck and had a plant picture.
  • 4 lily pads (I cut mine from green construction paper)
  • 4 sticky tongued frog toys
We put the cards in the middle of a round table. The kids insisted the cards be turned upside down. We took turns. The kids held the frog and tossed the tongue at the sight words. When they lifted the tongue they had to read any sight words that were attached in order to keep the card. “Yuck” cards were set to the side. We originally were going to “lose a turn” if you got a “yuck” card but we didn’t because we were having too much fun to put a damper on the  game. When all the cards we gone we counted up the cards on our lily pad and then started again.
As my stations were 30 minutes each last week we began making variations. Some kids tried to snatch words off the other kids’ lily pads. They decided that was okay but they quickly started stashing their cards UNDER the lily pads.
Some of the tongues started to lose their stickiness (certain kids just have that effect on things). I had lots of frogs so it didn’t matter. We rinsed them off afterwards and the stickiness came right back.

I had an adult at the station this week but I think if I put the game on our cart (where kids can take activities for quiet learning times) it will be okay. I thought they would get loud, but they didn't.

I put the directions and cards on Teacher Pay Teacher for free. Click link on top right.


  1. What a cute idea!! I love this and can't wait to use it in my classroom next school year.

  2. LOVE this idea!! My classroom has lots of frog decorations so this activity fits perfectly. Thanks for sharing!! :D