Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sight Word Glasses

At the beginning of the school year I introduce "sight word glasses" for finding our first sight word - the. The TOP DOG (our star of the day) walks around with a basket full of children's sunglasses or 3D glasses with the glass poked out. Each student puts a pair on - even over glasses if necessary. We wear them a lot for the first month or so and then we back off. Now I get them out every once in a while and it always tickles me. 

I try to do something different or interesting for the introduction of each sight word. Well, sometimes my creativity is busy somewhere else. And really what is exciting about the word THERE? So we put on our glasses, grabbed a partner and looked through books for the word THERE. We needed to find 5 THEREs and list them in a notebook before starting the THERE page (see earlier post on the paper we do for each word). Someone remembered Green Eggs and Ham had THERE. Pretty smart. I loved watching the FDKers work together, especially in their Sight Word Glasses.

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