Sunday, April 29, 2012

I Wonder about Worms

An idea from a friend coupled with the delayed arrival of our 2 worm species led to a great science / writing station this past week. I covered the back of the cubbies with a paper that said: "I Wonder about Worms" with "questions" and "experiments" listed below. I picked up a dozen worms from the bait shop in town. Then at stations the students used stickie notes to write and post questions they had about worms. The kids could look at - but not touch the worms. They could also check out a few books (few did). I encouraged the students to think of experiments that would lead to answers to their questions too. At some point during the students' turn at the station I had them take a photo of themselves using my laptop photobooth (my friend used the classroom ipads which I do NOT have). The FDKers tried to look like they were wondering. The photos are a stitch (hoot, laugh riot, adorable, precious . . . . ) I cut them out and glued them to brown construction paper to make a cover for their worm journals. I put thought bubbles above their heads. They will write "I wonder. . ."  in the bubble.

Now I've got my fingers crossed that our worms show up this week. We will touch and truly examine the worms and try out some of our experiments. I am also going to put the kids in small groups to do research on those questions that require a book or web site to answer. Fingers crossed on that too.

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