Monday, April 2, 2012

Directed Drawing

I love, love, love Directed Drawing! I tried it last year by chance - all teachers had to teach art as they eliminated all specials.  I always integrated Fine Arts into my class curriculum but I had never really taught "drawing." I drew a scarecrow step by step on my big white board while the students drew on paper. The scarecrows turned out adorable and individual. Anyway, I went to a great workshop on directed drawing and the presentation confirmed all the fine motor benefits as well.

I use a document camera and Directed Drawing regularly. The students focus, model my pencil grip as shown on the document camera, and produce drawings that are individually wonderful.  Here are some from our Teddy Bear Week (Papa Bear, Mama Bear and Baby Bear looking oh so fine).
Fashion family.

Unique style.

Colored every bit of the picture - impressive.

Cute hats!

Love the claws.

True-to-Life Twistables add to the interest.

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