Friday, February 24, 2012

We MADE Sight Words. We LIKE to MAKE Sight Words.

We learn 1 - 3 new sight words each week. I go through the A-Z books and find books containing the sight words. We read the books together and underline the words. Each sight word has a corresponding practice page where students write the word, circle the word and use it in a sentence with an illustration. After we learn 10 words I send home a sheet of flash cards on business card stock (the kids love pulling the cards apart). I have been trying to introduce new sight words in memorable and fun ways - similar to the effective way Jolly Phonics introduces sounds. I have hidden words all over the room, used our "sight word glasses" to hunt for words, made board games for specific words, use words in our weekly poem, made up elaborate stories, and on and on. This week's words used our new skill magic e. The words are not tricky words - just sight words. The words are # 67 - 70. What could I do new and different?

I put the kids in teams of 2 or 3 and they built the new words with materials I gave them.  They could make the words however they wanted. Here are some of the results for made, make and like. The FDKers were uber-proud!  A

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