Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Abraham Lincoln a la Pinterest

Here's an idea I got on Pinterest that turned out great.  I made a life-sized Abe Lincoln to hang up. The laminator did a number on his collar and then melted the gray crayon - but he still looks presidential. The students measured themselves on the wall next to Lincoln. They attached masking tape to the wall with their height. We took a photo of each child next to Lincoln (like the Pinterest sample). I printed the photos in black and white and gave the snapshot to the kids to use however they wanted. That was a huge success. I will post some examples tomorrow. One child glued the photo to paper and wrote, "Abe Lincoln is WAY taller than I am."


  1. Where did you find the template? My son wants a Lincoln Party for his 9th birthday.

  2. So Sorry so late to respond, and I'm not going to be very helpful. I drew this Lincoln. I looked at some books and tried to keep him in proportion. I drew the basic shape on black rolled kraft paper. I cut out the white pieces and glued them on. I drew his face on tan paper and glued on top of black. I think I added the hat from black construction paper. I laminated him, you can see where the white color got folded back. Hope the party is (was) a big success. What a great theme.