Thursday, February 9, 2012

100 Museum

Tomorrow is the big day - our 100 Museum. We have been counting, sorting, writing and making all sorts of items to display for our 100 Museum tomorrow.  We weren't able to schedule the museum on our 100th Day but we sure were able to engage in all things 100: 100 compliments, 100 chains, 100 cans for the needy, 100 grid name tags for our locker, write to 100 on tape register tape with a partner, 100 lego creations, 100 toothpicks and gumdrop structures, 100 words in word families, 100 people we love photos, 100 stickers in a book with a sentence for every 10, "if I had a $100" class book, . . . 100 calorie snacks to share with our visitors.  Tomorrow we will learn our docent assignments.  Every year the kids amaze me with their ability to inform and direct our guests.  Fingers crossed! Here's some photos from last year:

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