Thursday, February 2, 2012

Easy as One Two Three Sight Words

This week our sight words are Tricky words one two and also three. (We distinguish between Tricky sight words and phonetic / rule following sight words). Since my class loves board games and will choose a board game consistently during Reading Workshop, I made a one, two, three board game.  It is so simple and yet the FDKers loved it. The board is just spaces starting with a penguin and ending with a fish. I think a little shorter might work better or allowing a free turn or jump ahead on the squares with pictures.   Anyway, I use wooden cubes for dice with one, two, three written on the sides. Any place markers work.  We used "people" this week. They love it and I know the sight words are imprinting in their brains. Soon I will write up directions and standards and add to my store's free stuff or as an add-on to the penguin unit.


  1. I am visiting your web sight for the first time. I like the idea of using a die with the written words for a "One, two, three" board game! In fact it would help me this week. I hope to see the template for the game. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Any simple board game will do. I made the pictured one with penguins since we were playing it during our penguin unit. A different version is available with my Sight Word Unit - on TPT.

      That unit has scads of sight word practice and introduction ideas.
      Stop by again! Alison