Friday, September 7, 2012

Voice Levels

Our district is trying to develop some standardized behavior standards. I like teaching the procedures and having clear expectations for school situations: cafeteria, hallways, dismissal, etc.  I gave up rewards a few years ago when I discovered Discipline Without Stress (it will change the way you think:) Anyway, they started with some voice level guidelines. It really does help the students gauge their own behaviors. The posters we got are a little (a lot) wordy.  Too much for kindergartners for sure.

Here is a little chart I made for my class.  It has been a BIG help so far.  Who knew?

I ask them to show with their fingers what voice level they are using. So far so great.
Make your own: Voice Levels Poster


  1. Is this a document posted somewhere? I really like it and want to teach my kinders voice levels this coming week. Thank you!!

    Kelbi Arfsten

    1. Click on the link: Voice Levels Poster to go to my Teacher Pay Teacher store. The poster and a larger version and tips and ideas are available for $3. My suggestion is to practice speaking in the different levels and "rating" the levels after speaking. The kids are surprisingly good at knowing what level their voices are at. Good Luck!