Saturday, September 22, 2012

More Sight Word Fun

Sight Words are an important part of our reading curriculum. By themselves, sight words aren't that exciting. The "trick" is to make the words memorable AND relentless practice! This week two new sight words appeared.

Our friend Tricky (a dalmatian- see previous post Sight Word Ideas) put brightly printed AREs all over the place.  Including in our lockers. We taped them on a board. All week when we were writing it was easy to remind ourselves how to spell ARE. There were about a "million" AREs in the front of the room.

(The AREs that were hidden a little better turn up for a week or so.  Then I let the kids rip off the AREs to take home or recycle. We move to board around talking about ARE, we read ARE, we use the ARE board to remind ourselves how to spell and read ARE, on and on and on!)

Later in the week Tricky surprised us again. This time he hid papers in his dog house for us that were blank. A student's name was on each sheet, but nothing else. Now how was that supposed to help us learn new sight words?  A note with the papers claimed we just needed to try Tricky's secret formula.

I wrote HERE with a white crayon on half sheets of plain paper. Then I mixed some liquid water color and water. I put the "formula" on the tables with paint brushes. Since we have never used liquid water colors before it did seem like a "formula" to the students. Beware - do NOT use washable crayons. The results will not be nearly as good (learned that the hard way)

These ideas and dozens more are in my Super Sight Word Success packet at TPT.
Here we are using the magic formula to reveal the word HERE.

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