Sunday, September 16, 2012


As soon as I type the word PARTNERS, I start singing that Hap Palmer song "Partners, partners, here's a little game with partners . . ."

Okay, I just googled Hap Palmer and it says he has been making songs for over 20 years.  Well, he needs to update his web page because I KNOW I was using his records (yes record albums) in 1978.

Anyway, back to PARTNERS. I love having the kindergarten students work in partners. Since many of my students need work on communication skills - a partnership is a fantastic way to encourage and practice communicating. Partnerships allow the students to try out different roles - leader, follower, writer, talker, . . . Partnerships also give the students an opportunity to be heard. Partnerships tend to take pride in their accomplishments. Believe it or not partnerships have more perseverance than a single child. Partnerships expand a child's point of view. Partnerships allow a child to be a teacher - the best way to really develop understanding.
Working together to find Sight Words he, she, be, we, and me.
I pair up students in a variety of ways.  We use many of the fun ideas (matching cards, letter to sound, . . .); sometimes I just call out a pair of names. Most often I let the kids pick a partner. I usually hand the child something (the paper, clipboard, whatever the partners need to work) and tell he/she to pick a partner. I have been know to strategically pass out work. Anyway, if a child is asked to be a partner THEY ACCEPT the invitation.  We practiced this at the beginning of the school year.  How someone would feel if they were rejected, how we are all teammates, on and on.  
A student says, "Will you be my partner?"  The classmate replies, "I'd be delighted." and off they go. Rarely any complaints.  We do it so much that they know they'll always have another partner.
Pairing up to build shapes.

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