Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Sight Word THE

After reading the word the, tracing it using large arm movements, tracing it on the rug, tracing it on our friends back, . . .   We put on our "sight word glasses" (kids sunglasses with the lens popped out) and went to find the word the.  We looked on the walls, on game boxes, in books from the classroom library, etc.  Each time a student found the word the - the student circled a the on a Find 12 THEs sheet.  When a student circled all the thes - the student could help friends. Not only did they enjoy finding the thes - the FDKers were extremely helpful and enthusiastic coaches for their peers.  All on the third day of school!

The Find 12 THEs sheet helped focus the student on the task of finding the, reinforced the spelling and look of the, and gave the child a paper to take home and read to parents.
The sheet and simple directions are free at My Teacher Pay Teacher Store

If you purchased my Super Sight Word Success packet, this page is an addition.
I kinda like me in the 3D Sight Word Glasses.  Oh no.

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