Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Polar Bear - Read to Learn

After the thrill of the Penguin Unit (kids and I loved it) I decided to whip up some Polar Bear unit fun for the week - because every teacher wants to spend her Presidents' Day off making new learning materials right? Well, first activity was a big success. I made a little booklet for the kids to read. For about half the class the book is at their independent reading level. For others it is easy and still others have to work hard to get most of the words.  BUT the book was "to read to learn" vs. to learn to read. The students made the books (with teacher direction)

Kids cut out the front and back covers.

Sort the inside pages.

Then the BEST BEST BEST part - the kids read the books - together. I just love it when they read together.

 The students used the boxes on the back of the book to keep track of how many times they read the book.  They enjoy initialing each others' books. Afterwards we were able to have a nice discussion about all the polar bear information in the book. Yippee!
Polar Bear mini-unit
A Good Day!

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