Monday, February 4, 2013

100th Day - Today!

So every year my classroom gets turned into a 100 Museum by the FDKers - but not this year:(  The 100th day is usually the end of the second week of February but this year it fell of the first Monday of February.  No time for the students to prepare the museum displays. We will still complete most of the activities over the next two weeks but how was I going to make the 100th Day fun and special without the anticipation of an audience for our work? Time to check the blogs and Pinterest.

I saw a fun display with a giant 100. The kids entered the classroom through the middle zero. My husband and I went to school ready to paint and cut just such a 100. It would be a snap, just get some big paper, blah, blah, blah. Well, our school doesn't have any 4 foot wide paper. The rolls of paper we do have are really thin. Even if we put two sheets together to make it wider the sign would surely rip the first time a kid went through. My husband made his usual suggestion of luan (he likes to go to Home Depot). This wood would work well (I just had to use wood would together) but where does one store such a thing when the 100th day is over? Then in a flash (a very short flash unfortunately) of genius, I remembered my classroom staple:  BLACK SHEETS.

I if don't have a few black sheets stashed in your classroom - get some. Need a backdrop for a performance - tack up a few black sheets (I even pleat mine as I staple).  Need to use the hall floor for party station - lay down some black sheets.  Need a groundhog burrow for reading with flashlights - toss a black sheet over a table.  Need to hide a pile of books, papers or projects - throw a black sheet over it. Last week I used magnet clips to hold a sheet to the chalk board for our impromptu puppet show.

Anyway,  I made a 100 for our doorway with a black sheet and 2 red hoops.  I did cut the sheet, but I have plenty. I made the rest of the signs with construction paper. Easy to remove and keep for next year!
We had fun crawling through the zero. Adults could slide through the side or lift the zero but I made a few passes through.
I found some fun counting videos (thank you Pinterest).

We went outside and stomped the numeral 100 in the snow.

I let the kids color 100 100s and tape them wherever they wanted in the classroom.  The rest room door was a favorite spot for some reason only a kindergartener understands.

The students completed a writing prompt "If I had 100 _____ I would . . ."  Some of the prompts said dog or dinosaur or something else kindergarten friendly/funny. (100 Day Unit - on sale today ). For some (amazingly wonderful) reason this activity was a highlight of the day.

Hope your 100th Day is fantastic!

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