Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Is it a b or a d? Free worksheets.
The students name all the sounds, read dozens of sight words, and blend words wonderfully. Isn't March fantastic? My class is brilliant. Wait a minute. Did she just read dig as big?  Is he trying to tap out drat as brat? Time for a mini-lesson on the difference between lowercase b and lowercase d. We wrote the letters on white boards, on our backs, the carpet - all the fun stuff we had done before.  We noted the lowercase b resides inside the uppercase B. We noted all the students that had these letters in their names. BIG HELP - we took Bb Dd letter cards from our old Wilson set  and hung them up right next to our vowel sounds.  I see kids glancing up at the cards all the time - self-checking as they read or write. We also practiced with worksheets, below see samples. We use D'Nealian, but I made ball and stick practice sheets too. Click on any of the pictures to get you own set of B/D Practice Sheets.

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