Saturday, November 9, 2013

Start of Native American Studies

My "fire" still works - barely.  This year it fell from the top shelf in the storage closet onto my head and then the floor.  The lone remaining light bulb fell out.  I put it back in and it worked but I failed to notice the big crack in the pot. While we were sitting around our campfire discussing Native Americans across the United States - it would go out and then go back on again.  Uh oh. I haven't seen these for sale since I got it many years ago. Better keep my eyes open. It is always a big hit.

A long time ago I was lucky enough to go to a workshop at the Field Museum in Chicago about Native Americans and teaching about Native Americans. I remember talking to members of the Haida tribe and other scholars. I hope I am still true to the philosophy they advocated. I try to use authentic information while keeping the fun and learning kindergarten appropriate.
Next week we move from Native Americans on the Plains to Native Americans of the Northwest.

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