Friday, July 6, 2012

Caps for Sale

It's only taken me 3 years to make a Emergency Substitute Packet with a days worth of activities. Last year I made a nice folder of information for a substitute teacher and even put in an emergency CD. But each time I was gone I had to spend hours planning for the substitute. Do you think people who teach older students have any idea how long it takes to plan for a kindergarten sub?  Luckily I didn't have any emergency absences last year - but the year before I got stranded in an airport and had to make plans on my iPhone and send it. ACH! So when someone at a workshop showed their bag full of substitute activities for one full day I vowed to make some.

I've created a day's worth of lessons based on the children's classic Caps For Sale by Esphyr Slobodkina. Now these plans also took me forever to make but hopefully they will be useful for years to come. I am putting enough copies for each activity in a XL Ziploc with all the necessary materials.  Substitute in a Bag? Day in a Bag? I need a snappy name. See it on TPT Caps for Sale


  1. I could no longer find this activity @ TPT. Is it still available somewhere else?

    1. For some reason the link quit working. I fixed it. Sorry so late answering.